Saturday, June 30, 2012


Not at all sure the best way to start this.  I recently made a decision to make a radical change in my life, and this blog is my attempt to chronicle that change. 

I've worked in  technical fields for some time.  I have twice tried, and twice failed, to get a computer related bachelor's degree.  It's not that I am stupid, or lazy, or incompetent.  But, as I got closer to finishing each time, I dealt with escalating depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.  I've been unemployed awhile, and been dragging my feet getting back into the tech field.  then, I had a revelation.  I just didn't want to do that ever again.  I did it because I was good at it, but had no passion for it.

I realized thing thing that makes me happy, is feeding people. Food is a real passion, has been all my life.  I have no illusions.  I know that it is a tough field.  But, I'm tired of hating what I do.  I want to look forward to working, not dread it.  So, I'm going to try for culinary school. 

I will record culinary adventures here.  Recipes, restaurant reviews, how progess on getting ahead is going.  There may be non-food related posts, but that isn't the plan as of now.

Happy eating!

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