Monday, March 11, 2013

Pastry Class: First Paper Grade

We got our first essays back today. We had to write on what it was like to be a pastry chef in a particular type of establishment, i.e.; restaurant, bakery, hotel, etc. I wrote on the responsibilities of a hotel executive pastry chef. We had to include biographical information on a chef with that job.

Turns out that my pastry instructor has worked with the chef I profiled. I suppose that shouldn't be surprising. I imagine that the world of high end hotel pastry chefs in San Diego is not that large.

Anyway, I got an A on the paper. Now to write the second one, due in one week. We have to write about our favorite pastry ingredient. I hate to write about something too common when writing a research paper. I want it to be interesting and informative for the professor.

I think I will be writing about sour cherries. Sour cherry pie is my all-time favorite pie, and pretty much impossible to get on this coast. Canned sour cherries are just becoming available again. Most of the canned cherries were grown in the Balkans, and when the wars erupted there, the orchards were devastated. It takes decades for fruit trees to become productive. I can't get the five pound cans I used to, but I can find one pound jars.

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