Friday, February 1, 2013

Knives and Tools

I picked up my knives and pastry tools yesterday from The Knife Merchant. A very dear friend had promised to buy them as my Christmas present. She is very supportive of this career change. She came with me to pick them up, as she wanted to actually see her present.

There were a couple of choices available for the knife set. Of course, I liked the feel of the more expensive set better. I preferred the balance, and they seemed to be better quality. That kit came with a steel, a 10 inch chef's knife, a 6 inch boning knife, and a 3 1/2 inch paring knife. It also came with a thermometer, peeler, knife guards, thermometer, and carrying bag.

The pastry kit came with a variety of tools. It has a pastry bag and tips, spatulas, pastry brush, pizza cutter, bench knife, bowl scraper, microplane, measuring spoons, and digital thermometer. When I went through it this morning, it was missing the zester and one pastry tip. When I called the Knife Merchant to let them know, they were very polite, and promised to ship them to me one day UPS, so I would have them for class Monday.   I bought a tool box at Wal-mart to keep everything in.

We hit the ground running next week. Looking forward to it.

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