Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chocolate Class: Homework

Our homework for my chocolate class was to make three homemade chocolates, either hand rolled truffles, dipped chocolates, or molded chocolates. Because the spouse and I will be out of town next week, I needed to turn my homework in early. That meant no molded chocolates, in that we will be covering that today, and today is the day I am handing in my homework.

I decided to make a hand rolled truffle. I wanted to try something different. I was inspired by a curry chocolate we tasted the first day of class. Yellow curry is becoming more common in sweets these days, but it is not my favorite curry. I like Thai green curry. I've never seen it used in a sweet before, so I thought it would be a novel idea.

I wanted a garnish that would go well with the curry. I chose dried mango, since mango is a common ingredient in Thai cuisine.

The photo doesn't show it well, but the ganache in the center of the truffle came out a very pale green color.

For the class, presentation counts. The spouse found a pattern online to make a triangular box. She made one out of blue corrugated tagboard. I like the color, I think it shows off the truffles well.

Overall, I am happy with these truffles. The curry flavor is subdued, but definitely there. I think the mango ends up making it a little sweet. I think next time I will try dried kiwi, which retains a little tartness.

One thing I learned; dried mango does not want to be diced. It has a leathery texture, making it resistant to slicing. It also leaves a sticky residue. I found it necessary to keep a bucket of hot water at hand, so I could clean my knife between each piece.

Green Curry White Chocolate Truffles with Dried Mango

For the ganache:

6 ½ oz. 24% white chocolate
2 ½ oz. Heavy cream
½ tsp. Thai green curry powder
½ oz. Salted butter, softened

Bring cream to a scald. Remove from heat. Stir in curry powder, cover and let sit fifteen minutes.

Return to heat, bring back to a scald. Pour cream through a strainer over white chocolate. Cover, let
sit 2 minutes.

Stir together until smooth. Add butter, and stir again until smooth.

Let sit until mixture is thick enough to pipe. Transfer to piping bag, pipe onto parchment lined baking

Allow to dry until moldable. Roll into balls.

To finish truffles:

1 pound 24% white chocolate
½ lb. Dried mango
1 tsp. Corn starch

Dice mango. Toss with corn starch, set aside.

Melt and temper chocolate.

Dip truffles in tempered chocolate. Allow to harden. Dip again into tempered chocolate, then
immediately roll in diced mango. Place on parchment to dry.

Makes 16 – 18 truffles.

Happy Eating!

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