Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Culinary Class: Knife Skills Test

Tonight, I had my knife skills test for my culinary class. We were tested five at a time. When it was my turn, I had to set up my mise en place, grab a carrot, half an onion, and some parsley, and wash them, then wait. When instructed, we had to demonstrate rondelle, diagonal, batonette, and dice cuts on the carrot, dice the onion, and mince the parsley.

While I was mincing the parsley, the chef told me I was done. I hope that means that he was satisfied with my work, and not that I did something so egregiously wrong that I needed to stop. Anyway, we had to put the finished product in bins, then sanitize our stations.

I feel pretty good about it. I spent several hours today practicing my cuts on carrots. I tried to pay a lot of attention last week when chef showed what the test would be.

Next week is our last cooking lab, on poaching. The last two weeks are tests; first an equipment identification test, then the final. Hard to believe that we are this close to finishing.

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