Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dragon Party

So, it was the turn of the younger brother of the child we did the baseball party for to have his birthday party. He decided he wanted to have a dragon theme for his birthday. Now, the spouse and I are both life long fantasy fans, so we were totally cool with the theme. As always, the spouse had fun putting together goodie bags for the kids.

When we asked the young man what he wanted in a cake, some of it was pretty straight forward. A chocolate and vanilla marbled cake, which was easy, as I could use the same recipes as I did at the princess party. He wanted a cherry filling, so we used a commercial cherry pie filling. So far so good. Now comes the challenging part. For decoration, he wanted a water dragon, under the water. Now, I thought that was a pretty cool and unusual vision from a child his age.

The cake is mostly the spouse's creation.What we I baked the cake, and contributed some ideas on how it might be done, but all the creativity in the actual cake is hers. What we ended up creating wasn't exactly what he described, but given the time and technology limitations, I think it was pretty much within the intent. For the base, we made a half sheet sized chocolate marble cake with cherry filling. We used crisp rice and marshmallow treats to build up the terrain, and create a basin. The cake was then frosted green for grassy hills. A layer of blue frosting was put on the bottom of the basin to act as a moisture barrier, and to add to the apparent depth of the basin. The spouse had found a really nice figurine of a water dragon. We placed that in the basin, and added a mixture of blue raspberry gelatin and blue gel frosting to make the water. Chocolate rocks were used to create then shoreline.

I think this was a really cool cake. It was definitely non-standard, which made it a challenge. However, from all reports the child was delighted, and his face lit up when he saw the cake.

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