Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Restaurant Review: Seasons Fresh Buffet

Seasons Fresh Buffet at Barona Casino has become my favorite buffet in San Diego.  The price is reasonable (about $17, if you join Club Barona), the variety is good, and everything is fresh and well made.

They have a good, if limited, selection of maki roll sushi, and good anti-pasti. They have very good fresh seafood.  The crab legs are not oversteamed, so are very flavorful. The Gulf of Mexico oysters are quite good, this is the first place I have eaten raw oysters and not thought they were disgusting. The prime rib  is also good, I've always been able to get a proper medium rare center cut.  They have a nice selection of dim sum.  They have Mexican, Chinese, and Mongolian Barbeque sections as well, but I haven't eaten anything from those, because, well crab legs and prime rib.

They have a nice selection of desserts, including hand scooped ice cream and banans foster, as well as a person making crepes to order.  I really like their ameretto cheesecake, and they have very good creme puffs.

Happy eating!

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