Monday, July 16, 2012

Website review: I think you're saucesome

So, last week was San Diego Comic-con International.  Long four days.  Spent it doing historical fencing demos, and wandering the dealer's room.  I especially love the small press area, web comics area, and Artists Alley.  That's where I think the coolest, most innovative stuff can be found.

I met a lot of cool people, but one of the coolest was Sarah Becan. She runs a webcomic/blog called I think You're Saucesome.  It's food oriented, with great watercolor illustrations.  One of my favorites is Sausages of the World.  There are bits of food history, recipes, restaurant reviews, and personal bits of information. 

I really like this comic.  Most of the other webcomics I read are serial stories, mostly fantasy/gaming oriented.  This one isn't.  It hadn't ever occured to me that 'food webcomic' existed as a genre.  I love the charming, homey watercolor style artwork. There are a lot of archives, two year's worth, that I am just starting to work through.  There are great little personal bits, showing Sarah's evolving attitude toward herself and food, which are touching and endearing.

Sarah was an amazing person to talk to.  Knowledgeable, funny, sharp witted, and thoroughly geeky.  Would love to have her over for pizza on the grill, while drinking local microbrew, and talking sci/fi.  Read her comic, get to know her better, I'm sure you will agree with me.

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