Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Culinary Class: Equipment Identification Test

Tonight was my equipment identification test. I'm a little frustrated. I scored 21 out of 30. Several of the wrong answers were due to getting the wire and piano whisks backwards. Most of the others were of the 'can be used for' questions. I said true to a number of questions because the book says you can use it that way. What he wanted was did we use it for that in class. I wish he'd phrased the question to make that clear.

Currently I have 137 out of 200 points. I can miss three questions on the final next week, and still be in the A range with 184. That's without the points for two days of extra credit, plus optional participation points from the instructor. I was never late, never absent, always had my full uniform when it was required, and really tried to be a good student.

So, I think I'm out of contention for an A+, but an A is still well within reach.

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