Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Culinary Class: Written Final`

Had my written final for my culinary class tonight. I'm relieved to report that I scored 50 out of 50. I could have missed as many as six, and still had enough points for an A. That is without counting the extra credit I did, and whatever participation points the instructor can optionally give. I'm still holding out hope for an A+. I currently have 189 points. If he gives me a total of seven points for extra credit and participation, that will do it.

The good news on my identification test last week, as well, was that he gave me back two points, so I got 23 rather than 21 out of 30.

I'm now done with class, until my chocolate class starts June 10th. I have a busy three weeks ahead anyway. Starting tomorrow, I will be at Potrero War until Monday. The weekend after that is Coronation and Queen's Champion Tourney. Starting Wednesday the week after that is the World Tea Expo. Whew!

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